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How it works

You may begin at anytime

A new lesson is e-mailed to you every Monday before 5 p.m. ET

Assignments are due the following Monday by 9 a.m. ET

You are expected to spend on average a minimum of 6 hours
on each assignment (approximately 1 hour each day)

You will receive a personal critique and guidance on
or before Tuesday by 5 p.m. ET

General Course Requirements

You must have basic drawing skills and ability with at least one color medium

You must be able to scan and submit work as a jpeg file attachment to an email

You must be at least 18 years old

You must be a resident of the United States

How to Sign Up

Select the course you are interested in from those listed below

Be sure you meet any

Download an enrollment form and waiver for that course

Print, fill out, and email forms to

and pay online by clicking the appropriate PayPal Payments button*

* All payments must be made in U.S. dollars from a U.S. financial istatution via the PayPal service *

There is a $25.00 nonrefundable registration fee for first time students.

* Please Note *
It can take up to 1 week for your Registration to be processed

To view Enrollment forms and Waiver
you will need the ability to read PDF files

Course Listings

Visual Storytelling
Click to download an Enrollment Form and Waiver for this course.

Term: 12 week course
Fee: $275.00 (includes the one time $25.00 Registration fee for New Students)
Prerequisite: Have a single established medium/technique.

New Studentsclick button to make your payment via PayPal

The Visual Storytelling course addresses character development, interaction, composition and content. The course shows how to break down and interpret a text and create dynamic images specifically oriented for the picture book market.

Each lesson is broken down into 2 weeks - the first week for sketches, and the second for finished art. Personal critiques are given for each phase of each assignment.

Please note that this course does not explore mediums or focus on techniques. Although some guidance may be offered in these areas. The course concentrates on molding your existing technique to fit the children's book market.

At the end of this course you will have created six (6) pieces of finished art intened for inclusion in your portfolio. You will also receive guidance and suggestions for putting together an effective portfolio presentation.

Book Dummy 101
Click to download an Enrollment Form and Waiver for this course.

12 week course
Fee: $200.00 (For New Students there is a $25.00 one time registration fee)
Prerequisite: Completion of Visual Storytelling or a Portfolio Review prior to enrollment.

Returning Students – click button to make your payment via PayPal

New Students – After receiving a Portfolio Reviewclick button to make your payment via PayPal

This is an intensive 12 week course that focuses on creating a complete Book Dummy. Your Book Dummy will be created from an existing text, either one you have written or one that is in public domain. You will be shown how to create a layout and paginate a text. You will be offered guidance in your choices and given personal feedback as you work through the process. This course does not focus on writing -- however, some guidance may be given on content and length.

At the end of the course you will have created a Book Dummy ready for presentation to prospective publishers, or to be included in your portfolio as a demonstration of your capabilities.

Here is what students had to say...

"Susan's illustration course was exactly the convenient, time effective instruction from a qualified professional I was searching for."

"Weekly assignments were thoroughly evaluated in a positive manner which helped me focus in on my strong points right away."

"Both Beginners and experienced artists ready to bump up to a more advanced level will find this course is a huge bargain."

"Private consultations and progress reviews each week, along with Susan's availability for questions as you work, are the keys to professional development in a short period of time."

Susan gave very specific assignments in palatable
sizes. I knew exactly what was expected."

"I thought I would come out of the course with illustrations for my portfolio, instead it caused me to think about making an illustration not only to illustrate the text, but how to read into it - showing things the text does not"

"I finally get it. I understand exactly what editors look for and how I can put out art that will catch their eyes. I cannot recommend this course enough."


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