Studio Tour

In 1999 I made the move from Brooklyn, New York back to my home state of Michigan. I found myself moving into a 12 room 140 year old farm house in...Brooklyn, Michigan – who knew!?

My studio is an old carriage house that was attached to the main house many years ago. It was previously used as a family room.

It has been great creating a large custom studio space after having spent years in tiny railroad apartments.

My drafting table belonged to my Grandfather who was an electrical engineer. It is one of my cherished possessions. Beside it you can see my handmade light table which weighs a ton.

On the far wall is a collection of assorted old toys and kitsch.
A half wall separates my computer and "office" area from the rest of the studio. It has everything I need, printer, scanner, fax machine, etc. It is the veritable nerve center of the studio. The portal to the outside world of colleagues and clients.

It's also a great place for playing endless rounds of solitaire.

One of the great joys about my studio is the view. In my last apartment I looked out on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway. Now I look out on 23 wooded acres with a pond.

Regularly I see deer, fox, rabbits, many species of ducks, geese, a wide variety of song birds, and even the occasional turkey or pheasant.

One of the things I was thrilled to be able to create is a "Spray Room" with a powerful exhaust fan. Gone are the days of spraying fixatives and adhesives while hanging out a window or climbing to the roof of the apartment building. It's a lot cleaner for both the artwork and my lungs. One of the things about creating a custom space for the first time – there are bound to be modifications.
I am in the process of finishing off ceiling to floor shelving along the side and back walls of the studio.

What is still the same in this shot is my layout table, which has flat file storage underneath.

Something else I learned with my studio – industrial linoleum floors may sound like a good idea, but if you have fur bearing creatures cavorting about, think again. I'm sure you have seen a dust bunny, but have you ever seen a dust buffalo? They roam in vast herds across industrial linoleum floors. Have you heard of buffalo wings? Well sometimes when the wind is right these hairy bison have been known to take flight! So as part of the modification plan for the studio, I will be installing some low pile industrial carpet. It may not stop them from breeding, but hopefully it will stop the vast roaming and migration patterns long enough for me to corral them into the vacuum cleaner.

Stay tuned for new studio pictures coming soon

These are the furry faces that share my studio.
(100% muttnick)
Is working on a scale replica of the Panama Canal in the backyard.
(aka Moo Kitty)
Weighs in at about 20lbs.
Loves to pounce on my lap when I'm at the computer.
(boy companion)
Likes to put fur on my desk
Talks too much.

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